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Water damage affects far more than the structure of your home or business. It also can be devastating on your belongings. Our water damage restoration professionals recognize the importance of these items to your life, and that your keepsakes, clothing, furniture and heirlooms are what make your house a home. That’s why we at Grady Property Restoration specialize not just in water removal, but in complete property cleaning, restoration and repair as well.

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Restoring Possessions

Our expert property restoration professionals are experienced in specialized contents restoration, whether the problem is mold, water or fire and smoke damage. We believe that restoring your property rather than replacing it is always the preferable approach; not only does it save you money, but it allows you to keep your personal valuables exactly as they were before your disaster happened.

We have a number of methods we can use to restore your property. These include:

  • Dry Cleaning: For objects requiring very little work, or those for which a pre-cleaning approach prior to heavier cleaning is indicated.
  • Wet Cleaning: This method is effective for removing residue that is moderate or heavier.
  • Spray Cleaning: For items that cannot withstand heavy cleaning, we have a spray/wipe method that’s highly effective.
  • Foam Upholstery Cleaning: Excellent for fabrics that could bleed or experience shrinkage if heavy wet cleaning is used.
  • Abrasives: For those items with heavy deposits, this form uses surface agitation to break away corrosion and buildup.
  • Immersion Cleaning Process: Items that can withstand being submerged can be bathed in the cleaning product to break down dirt and soiling.

Move-Out or Pack-Out Cleaning Services

If the damage to your home requires more extensive restoration, our professionals can use an efficient and organized method of move-out cleaning, which allows us to remodel the area more quickly and to protect your valuable items from possible further damage during the process. We will then work with you after completion of the property restoration to move everything back in according to your individual needs.

The exact services we can provide in this area may depend on your insurance policy, so be sure to check your coverage.

Dealing with Electronic

Electronics and electrical appliances that have suffered water damage can present a major safety hazard. Never, ever attempt to operate or use any electrical device that has potentially been damaged in the incident. Grady Property Restoration professionals will work to ensure your electronics are cleaned, restored and in proper working order. We are experienced in dealing with a broad line of electronics restoration, including:

  • DVD and Blu-Ray players
  • Television sets
  • Tablets and mobile devices
  • Computers
  • Stereo systems
  • And many others

Restoring electronics is largely a factor of making sure that no further damage is suffered. First, we will thoroughly clean the outside of the device to put a halt to any further damage or corrosion. We will then have the electronics inspected and cleaned by a qualified and experienced electronics technician to determine if they can be restored.

Documents and Photographs

Losing beloved family memories is one of the most devastating parts of suffering an environmental disaster. The loss of important documents such as tax forms, deeds and business paperwork can be just as bad. Restoring these documents and photos requires the most delicate touch, experience and expertise. Our service professionals have the knowledge, tools and cautious approach to make sure that the documents are not destroyed by the water damage they’ve suffered.

It’s not always possible to restore such documents entirely to pre-damage condition, but we can often help to save a great deal of information and memories that would otherwise be lost while minimizing the potential for further damage. There are a number of approaches we might take, depending on the level and kind of damage suffered. These include:

  • Simple air drying
  • Dehumidifying, or drawing moisture out
  • Freezer-based drying
  • Vacuum freezer drying
  • Vacuum heat or thermal drying

Claim Inventory Services

When you suffer a major emergency disaster, the sheer amount of damage can be utterly overwhelming, but our restoration pros will be there to help get you through the recovery process and confusion. Our claim inventory services help you to create an accurate and detailed list of everything you own and may have lost by taking a room-by-room approach to creating a complete inventory of contents, including taking digital photos and even barcoding items.

We will help to create a pre-loss list of contents with individual values and issue a detailed and accurate inventory report. This will help you during the process of filing your insurance claim, with the burden of proof you’ll need to bear, and will give you much-needed peace of mind.

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