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Rapid Emergency Response


(800) 773-1658
  • IICRC Triple Master Certified
  • Phone's Answered 24/7 Locally
  • Average 60 Minute Response
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • We Work With Your Insurance

No emergency too large

Our emergency restoration services team has been there for major storms as well as minor personal disasters, and we’ll be there 24/7 to handle your needs. Just call Grady Property Restoration customer services, and a representative will get you started.

Whether it’s a tropical storm, a wildfire or a major hurricane, our specialists have been there. We can handle any job of any size from a four-room ranch house to a large commercial structure, and we have done so.

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Highly-Trained Experts

Our expert and experienced disaster recovery specialists have years of experience handling disasters of all sizes. We have the specialized tools and techniques needed to handle any job with scientific precision, and we use only the most advanced technology and most powerful and effective equipment available.

When you call upon Grady Property Restoration, you’ll never have to worry about partial work or ineffective results.

Call Day or Night!

Tailored to your needs

We will tackle each case with the unique attention required and develop an approach and plan of action tailored to your specific situation. This will allow us to effectively, quickly and completely remove all water and moisture from the area, thoroughly dry, sanitize and deodorize the damaged property, and then restore everything to its pre-damaged condition.

Remember, when you suffer water damage, the faster you act the better off you are. It’s essential to take immediate action, to prevent further damage and increasingly expensive repairs.

When you’re in need of water damage restoration services, Grady Property Restoration is here.

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